According to my experience, incumbent organizations are rather resistant towards change than welcoming it. This is very understandable, because the back-bone of the day-to-day business is to be as effective and efficient as possible in fulfilling customer orders. Especially in chemical industry, organizations are driven by tight process compliance to ensure productivity, cost and environment, health and safety goals. In this environment, deviation is the enemy. But innovation, by definition, is based on deviating from the status quo.

To ignite the transformation, there must be a defining, “magic” moment. This might be an inspirational speech, where a corporate executive speaks in clear language about the consequences of keep doing what is already done. This might be an event where key employees on all levels interact with senior management to explore the desired new strategy to become future change agents driving the organization towards that goal. In any case we will find an individual solution for your organization, that I support and facilitate through.