Re-thinking organisations: Consulting and Implementation

You are an executive in the polymers and materials industry who wants to transition your organization towards more sustainability, higher profitability, and more resilience in the upcoming years of disruptive transition?

This transition is an innovation process like any other business model transition. It needs a clear vision of where to get to. It needs strategy and methods for implementation. It needs exploration and business model building. It needs inspiration and communication to engage the workforce and ensure a strong execution.


Through re-thinking innovation in your polymers and materials business, you can:

  1. re-focus your innovation activities;
  2. build resilience in the face of change;
  3. empower your workforce;
  4. create a digital culture;
  5. reach sustainable growth targets; and ultimately 
  6. ensure ongoing success.


Based on my expertise as a people, strategy & innovation leader in the chemical industry I offer services along this process–from analyzing the current situation, to developing a strategy, to implementation and execution.

Re-thinking polymers and materials innovation has many aspects, such as:

  1. identifying the relevant future trends and drivers
  2. evaluating internal assets, technologies, capabilities and potentials against an objective benchmark
  3. understanding the markets, individual customers, and the competition
  4. identifying the right digital tools to make innovation more effective
  5. adapting to new methods and organizational structures
  6. hiring, growing, and retaining the best talents
  7. inspiring the workforce and leading them through change

I am excited to work together with you and your organization on this common goal.

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