The process starts with an analysis of the situation. Now it is time for a honest evaluation: What is the current status of innovation? How many innovations you brought to the market in the past 5 years? Where these disruptive or evolutionary innovations? What are the most successful new products or services? Which one failed? How is your workforce prepared for new technologies or for new cultural challenges? Which drivers and trends impact your markets: now and in future? How are you set up in comparison to your main competitors?

The second part is to set the right goal, goals that are aligned with the overall corporate strategy. Changes take long in chemical industry. The life-time cycle of assets and knowledge is longer than in other industries. In the process of defining the goal and making it as clear and transparent as possible, we together evaluate questions like:

  • Where should the organization be in 10 years from now?
  • What need to get done now to reach this goel?
  • What does the organization need to perform now?
  • What can all stake-holders do to make the organization better NOW?

In this phase you also define the indicators you will measure your success on the way to implement the new strategy.