ChinaCoat 2023 Tech Talk on VAE Emulsions

The Raise of VAE Polymer Emulsions in Asia as the Base for Water-Based, Low-VOC Paints and Coatings

Based on its favorable material property profile, Vinyl acetate – Ethylene (VAE) polymer emulsions have great potential for further growth and value generation, especially in the Paint & Coatings market and – as spray-dried re-dispersable powders (RDP) – in the Construction market. This is fueled by a global trend to avoid Volatile Organic Components (VOCs) emissions and in general to choose more sustainable options for housing and interior. Over the past two decades, the leading VAE producers expanded towards Asia, where China already took the lead position in VAE emulsion consumption.

In this Tech Talk, the playfield for VAE polymer emulsions will be laid out: Its position in the general chemicals and polymers value stream, the main producers, and it’s main applications or markets. In specific, the advantages and disadvantages of the polymer material in the desired application, such as low VOCs Interior Decorative Paints, but also in Exterior and Construction applications will be discussed. We will point at future potential innovations, as this technology is full of opportunities for continuing this success story in the decades to come.

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