My keynotes adress to people who deal with Research and Development in the Chemical Industry or in general with the ongoing transformations of that industry.

R & D departments in many traditional industries have been confronted for some years now with the fact that it is increasingly difficult for them to supply new innovative products. Social developments, changed patterns of consumption, technical innovations, digitalization and a new world of work are responsible for this.

But these developments also hold opportunities. Digitization, modern work organization and other concepts of Industry 4.0 open new avenues in chemistry research as well. There are a few critical success factors that distinguish chemistry companies with excellent innovation strategy and execution from the mediocre ones.

I am happy to provide you and your organization with one of the following keynotes – please contact me for details.

Seven sucess factors for innovation excellence in chemistry

There are only a few disruptive innovations happened in the chemical industry in the recent years. Are the golden years simply over or has the chemical industry lost its innovative power? Neither, nor – innovations in chemistry are still possible! In this keynote, you will learn which seven critical success factors you need to consider when you want to take full advantage of your research & development potential – and how you turn the gears towards these factors in your organization.

The Next Wave of the Industrial Revolution – Impulses for the Chemical Industry

Digitization has more to do with chemistry than some R & D departments may believe. Find out how industrial 4.0 and digitalization affect your working environment and what changes you have to face. And take a look at the products, processes and services of the future!

Reorganization of Molecular Structures

Observations from 20 years of restructuring in the chemical industry: an entertaining and critically-distanced retrospect of the transformation of the chemical industry. Experience first-hand how it feels to be a participant and actor in the massive restructuring of a whole industry – and take a lot of inspiration and ideas on how change processes can be managed (and survived) in a difficult environment.