Alexander Madl provides a litmus test for chemistry industry innovation

“Operational Excellence brings you the profits of today. Innovation excellence will bring you the profits of tomorrow.” G. v. Wulfen

Let’s put your organizations innovation strategy on the litmus test! Are your innovation projects on the right track? Is your R&D portfolio in line with the company’s strategy? Is it viable? Have you considered all external and internal factors, such as conceal potential risks or opportunities in developments in the market, in technologies, in social changes? How fit are your employees in R & D: technological and methodical? How committed and motivated are they? Do the structures fit to the innovation projects and goals? The InnovationRADAR, developed by me, evaluates on the basis of the business model of your company or of your business unit all the factors that influence the current positioning and the future viability of its innovation organization. On a strategic level, the InnovationRADAR provides a clear and compelling model that allows an intuitive analysis and understanding of the complex interactions that impact your innovation strategy model right now. The InnovationRADAR provides comprehensive information on the innovative power of your R&D organization and its future viability.

Target group

The InnovationRADAR is designed for innovations managers, heads of research and technology departments, VPs or CTOs in the process industry or the chemical industry, who want to test their innovation portfolio extensively for alignment with the company’s business model as well as for future viability.

Value added

  • With the InnovationRADAR you get a comprehensive, multidimensional view of the internal and external forces which determine the innovative power in your business environment at present and in the future.
  • You get an evaluation of the strength and future viability of your innovation portfolio as well as an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the internal structures, methods and the employees in the innovation organization of your company.
  • The structured report gives you additional insights into the measures you must take to increase your organization’s innovative strength.
  • As a research manager, the application of the InnovationRADAR supports you to make valid and objective decisions on portfolio and resource allocation.

The InnovationRADAR is not a trend report nor a comprehensive study on the projection of future developments in a specific area of ​​chemistry. It accesses existing studies and reports, but does not create them. It also does not provide a comprehensive analysis of the business environment or competition. Rather, these dimensions have to be investigated in the course of the creation of the InnovationRADAR with your own resources, or with the involvement of external support.

The InnovationRADAR

The evaluation starts with the status quo: what is the overall business strategy, e.g. visualized with a business model canvas and how does the innovation strategy fits into it. Based on that external challenges and opportunities get mapped vs. the internal capabilities and enablers.

It is essential to map and visualize these impact factors and to develop a common language to communicate all issues involved.

Alexander Madl helps the chemical industry to litmus test their innovation strategy
Scheme Innovation drivers in chemical industry

The external factors are mapped over 4 dimensions:

  • Megatrends / Industry Trends
  • Relevant Science & Technology Disruptions
  • Change in competition
  • Community and Partner Network

Internally, three dimensions are evaluated:

  • Assets
  • People
  • Organization and innovation culture

The evaluation takes place in several internal working phases – sprints – for the purpose of obtaining and processing information, interrupted by ½-day impulses sessions, possibly with the involvement of other external experts from the network. The whole process stretches over about 4 – 6 weeks. As a result, I am providing a structured report, with an analysis of the current state of your innovation organization, its health and future viability as well as proposals for implementing measures to improve. The report analyzes in detail the status of the organization in the individual dimensions, and provides a comprehensive assessment of the innovation organization and potential startegies to gain future advantage.


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