Big data and artificial intelligence will drive the transformation of chemical industry

The big mistake in “selling” digitalization to the chemical industry

…and how we do better! Coming from a conference, where the topic “digitalization” in the chemical industry was quite prominent, I’d like to reflect on one mistake, we all do in my opinion, when we discuss the digital transformation in the chemical industry. What I observe is, that too much of the argumentation is focused Read more about The big mistake in “selling” digitalization to the chemical industry[…]

Alexander Madl 7 elements of R&D excellence in chemistry innovation

EBook: The path to excellence in chemistry R&D

There are seven key elements to R&D excellence in the chemical industry. These elements build on each other and often one element cannot exist without the other. The elements de-focus for a process-driven innovation and focus on the right mix of strategic guidance, market knowledge, and on a culture that enables individual creative freedom for Read more about EBook: The path to excellence in chemistry R&D[…]

Alexander Madl reports in SpecialChem on VAE emulsions

VAE Emulsions – Current Status and Future Innovations

Vinyl-acetate ethylene co-polymer emulsions (VAE) are one of the youngest children in the family of emulsion polymers. Initial experiments to introduce ethylene as monomer into the emulsion polymerization were done in 1950s and VAE was made commercial available in the late 1960s1. This new type of co-polymer emulsions took a while to become successful outside Read more about VAE Emulsions – Current Status and Future Innovations[…]

Article Alexander Madl in SpecialChem online magazine

Emulsion Polymerization: DO’s and DON’Ts

Emulsion polymerization has the first industrial application in early 20th century and now it has developed to be one of the most versatile polymerization techniques in polymers industry. And Emulsion polymers contribute to the value for the formulator as well as for the end user by many facets. Performing emulsion polymerization at industrial scale means to Read more about Emulsion Polymerization: DO’s and DON’Ts[…]

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The future of Chemistry Innovation

The global Chemical Industry changes rapitly. Growth happens mainly in Asia where significant production capacities moved to over the last ten years. Mergers and Aquisitions raise to a new high, with Dow – DuPont and ChemChina – Syngentia deal setting the scene. […]


The cationic induced oligomerisation of N-Vinylformamide

The cationic induced oligomerisation of N-Vinylformamide The topic of the dissertation is the survey of the cationically initiated oligomerization of N-vinylformamide with iodine, bromine, trifluoromethanesulfonic acid, and trifluoromethanesulfonic acid trimethylsilylester as initiators. Quantum chemical calculations on the conformation and the electron density of N-vinylformamide, as well as on its reaction with electrophiles are presented. The Read more about The cationic induced oligomerisation of N-Vinylformamide[…]