Digitalisierung als Katalysator für eine neue Ära von Innovation

Innovation = Transformation

My passion is to help my clients, mainly in chemical and process industry, through the change that is essential for their survival in the future. In a volatile world of high uncertainty they have to deliver new innovations to the market faster as well as more (cost) effective and efficient than their competitors. I help my clients to analyze the robustness of their innovation strategy and activities against internal and external impact factors, to develop strategies to transform their organizations with innovative approaches and tools for better chemistry innovation, or to be more innovative and creative in general. Find out more details about my services and approaches by clicking the symbols below.
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I talk with passion! About chemistry as the most exciting of all natural sciences, about change, (digital) transformation, and disruption in the way we do chemistry research. Let yourself and your team be inspired.

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R&D Project Healthcheck

Test against objective criteria whether your R&D projects are on the right track, and get an independent, external, and honest expert opinion on their overall “health”

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Totel Immersion Ideation

This workshop concept is designed for R&D and business teams who want to achieve rapidly massive changes in the quantity and quality of ideas / concepts as well as want to think out of the box of the incremental product improvement

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Are you on the right path with you innovation initiatives? Do you adress the best future opportunities? Which risks and challenges are ahead? And how are your people prepared to thrive for R&D excellence?

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FORTH Innovation Expedition

FORTH is a proven and effective methodology to structure the fuzzy end of the innovation pipeline: from forming a team, observe&learn, raise ideas, and testing concepts to fully developed business cases

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Innovation Strategy

Re-model your innovation strategy. Ignite change. Transform your organization. Engagage your workforce. Set the path to R&D excellence.

A great opportunity to meet young or experienced professionals from industry or academia, to discuss the topics of chemistry and economics, politics, digitalization, Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence and to get great new contacts in Berlin are the bi-monthly roundtables of the Association for Chemistry and Economics (VCW) in Berlin.

The Innovation Designer

Who I am and how I serve my clients to achieve innovation excellence
Result oriented and experience based consulting

I’m a thinker, innovation leader, scientist, teacher, researcher, with 12+ years experience with increasing management responsibility in Chemical and Materials Industry. I started innovation activities and led new product developments through the full cycle from ideation to successful scale-up into manufacturing in and outside of Europe. I worked with and in international (and other wise) highly diverse teams. I learned a lot about which methods and tools work (and which doesn’t) to unleash the true potential for innovation in organizations. I experienced structures promoting innovation as well as structures that retarded them. My mission is to help the Chemical and Materials Industries to focus their innovation strategies and actvities on future growth topics and to make them effective and efficient in order to meet a new standard of performance and profitability: Transform Chemistry Innovation.

  • 12+ yrs experience in Research & Technology Development, 5 patents granted

  • Human centered, potential focused leadership approach

  • Embracing change as chance to create a better world

  • True believer in cultural diversity as innovation motor

Digitalization as catalyst for a new eara of innovation: My Keynote at PMI Berlin/Brandenburg Chapter on January 17th, 2019, 7 pm

Innovation Essence

Thoughts and Provocations around the topic innovation in the way chemistry is doing innovation

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